Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer 2013 Day 2

Well we are on the road again! We have made a few stops for souvenirs. It is 1230pm CST. The kids have watched The Ant Bully. GPS says we should reach the hotel at 818pm

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trip progress.

3pm Leaving Vinita.
8:11pm Finally crossing the border to Texas!
819pm Shamrock, Texas
10pm Amarillo, Texas
12pm Tucumcari, New Mexico
9am on the road again
530pm crossed Arizona State Line!
711pm Heber, az

Gas prices log

Vinita, ok $3.56
Tulsa, ok $3.49
Elk City, ok $3.69
Amarillo, tx $3.49
Albuquerque, nm $3.65
Sky City, nm $3.51
Gallup, nm $3.43
Phoenix, az $3.39
Mesa, az $3.51

Our first BIG family vacation!

Well today is the beginning of a very long trip. I am so excited. We are headed to Mesa, Arizona for the first family reunion for Mammer's family in 13 years.
So I had hoped to be on the road by 7am and we were finally on the road by 3pm! Better than leaving tomorrow, right? However, it was my fault for the record. It took a lot longer to get packed than I originally expected. Mike has been great yesterday and today on helping with the kids so I can get things situated. Thank you honey!
Amy and Jill have been so great at helping us get ready and tie up the loose ends I did not have time to get done!
So we left the house, had to stop for head phones and gas, lunch, meet Amy for some stuff for mom. So we are finally on the highway. Yay! So we pass the World's Largest McDonalds, we made it thru the big turnpike gate. We are really on our way! Michael says, "mom. I need to go pee!" Ugh! Really? So we pull over. Good thing about a potty trained boy! So I change Mia for good measure. Then I realize we did not get glasses on faces! Oh good grief! So a 2 week trip with no glasses for my kids. Made it through to Tulsa and only stopped for ice. Now headed through OKC and saw some of the devastation from the tornado and I am feeling very blessed for the safety we have been under. Kids have napped watched Land Before Time, Baby Einstein Beethoven (that Mia loved), now watching a generic Alice in Wonderland. I put little presents together for the kiddos. They opened coloring pads and did not like them. So plan b was picking a balloon package to make a balloon friend with stickers. That lasted for about 10 minutes! Lol. So Michael has done a puzzle, played cards and is now eating a snack of cheese puffcorn. Mia is just hanging out making a mess of her puzzle and puffcorn. Oh well. We are 200 miles from Amarillo, and it is going well. Enjoying our time together.